Five Fingers Observation Deck – The Best Views of Austria

In the Alps, on the limestone plateau Dachstein, an unusual observation deck “Five Fingers” (Austria) is equipped. The Dachstein Plateau, known for its exceptional landscape, is on the UNESCO list.

Five Fingers Lookout

This site was named due to its appearance: 5 metal bridges look like splayed fingers of a palm. This “palm” hangs over the abyss, the depth of which is 400 m. The height of the bridges over Lake Hallstatt is 2 108 m.

Views of tremendous beauty open with “5 fingers” in Austria: to the famous tourist city of Hallstatt, to the picturesque Hallstatt lake, to the entire Salzkammergut.

View from the observation deck

Good to know! At an altitude of 2 108 m, Wi-Fi works great, therefore, standing on one of the bridges, you can “live” demonstrate to the interlocutor all the surrounding splendor.

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Design features of the observation platform

Each of the 5 “fingers” of the viewing platform has its own characteristics:

Frame for photo shoots
  1. The first one has a frame for photo shoots. And although many will call her presence completely unjustified, but the fact remains.
  2. The second floor is made of glass so that tourists have the opportunity to experience the effect of “hanging over the abyss.” But in reality, the floor is not very transparent, and does not create such a powerful effect.
  3. The third is much shorter than the rest, and besides, it is forbidden to enter it. It is believed that this “finger” serves as a symbol of freedom and inaccessibility of alpine mountain peaks.
  4. The fourth has a hole through which you can see in detail the abyss below.
  5. A spyglass (telescope) is installed on the fifth one so that you can admire the remote landscapes. The telescope is free.
Bottom view of the “5 Fingers”

How to get to the “5 fingers” site

Hallstatt, Austria

The Five Fingers observation deck is located in the Alps in Austria, not far from the famous city of Hallstatt (it is 200 km from the Austrian capital Vienna). Geographical coordinates of the site: 47.528623, 13.692047.

Access to the observation deck is only possible by cable car from the small town of Obertraun, located next to the city of Hallstatt. The funicular station has a free car park Dachstein Tourismus, therefore it is most convenient to go there by car – from Hallstatt the journey will take about 10 minutes. But you can also take bus number 543 – it takes you from Hallstatt to the parking lot by the funicular in the same 10 minutes.

The path on the cable car consists of two stages. Once on the funicular at the departure station, you need to get off at the next station – Schonbergalm. There you should transfer to a booth on another line to get to the next station – Crippenstein.

On a note! From Schonbergalm station you can go on an excursion to the ice caves of Dachstein, and then return and continue on to the observation deck.

On the way to “5 fingers”

From the station to the famous sights of Austria – the observation deck “5 fingers” – leads a picturesque path. It is impossible to stray from it, because there are signs, moreover, the site is highlighted until midnight and it can be seen from a great distance. If you go and do not turn anywhere, the road will take about 20-30 minutes. And you can turn on another observation platform or a small chapel, in addition, you just want to admire the views and constantly take pictures of them.

Note! If you are going to climb the Dachstein Plateau and visit the “5 fingers”, you need to: bring sunglasses and sunscreen, warm clothes, comfortable shoes. In the mountains it is always colder than down in the city, and besides, there are often cold winds. For comparison: when in Hallstatt +30 ° C, above usually + 16 ° C.

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Lift cost

Entrance directly to the 5-finger viewing point in Austria is free of charge, you only need to pay for travel on the funicular. Tickets are sold at the box office, and you can pay by card.

Ascent to the site

To visit only the observation deck, you need a Panorama Ticket. The cost of lifting to the site and back is:

  • 31.50 € for adults,
  • 28.20 € for teens,
  • 17.40 € for children.

The time spent on the site is limited by the operating time of the cable car, which, in turn, depends on the time of year and days of the week. Up-to-date information on ticket prices and lift schedules are always on the official website:

On a note! Climbing to the Five Fingers area is desirable early in the morning. Firstly, it can be cloudy in the afternoon, even if it was sunny in the morning. Secondly, there are much fewer people.

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