Excursions in Vienna: top 9 most sought after guides

Any traveler wants to get the maximum experience and knowledge from his trip abroad. But often the independent organization of excursions leaves much to be desired. In such a situation, guides who speak Russian can come to the rescue and can turn the trip into an unforgettable adventure.

Vienna tour

If you plan to go to Austria, and you are interested in excursions in Vienna, do not rush to buy a tour from the first counter guide. Today, the tourist services market has many advertisements offering walks in the Austrian capital, but not all of them live up to expectations. Having examined the available offers and having studied the reviews of travelers, we have compiled our own selection of guides, distinguished by a high level of professionalism.

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Guide Anna

Being a historian by profession, guide Anna organizes sightseeing tours in Vienna in Russian. During walks you will learn a lot of interesting facts about the capital of Austria, its history and lifestyle. The guide masterfully builds routes, making stops in unexpected places and inviting his excursions to proven cafes and pastry shops. The guide is fluent in Russian, has a non-standard approach to building tours that always accompanies lively and interesting stories. Before ordering an excursion, Anna necessarily clarifies your preferences and, guided by them, draws up a route.

Lively and everyday Vienna
  • Price tag: 100 €
  • Takes: 2 hours
Vienna tour

This tour allows tourists to see the true face of Vienna without trivial stories. Taking part in a walk, you will understand how the city works, and also provide information about its current exhibitions and festivals. Going on a tour with a guide, you will visit the Vienna Cathedral, the Greek Temple and St. Ruprecht’s Church. One of the most interesting points on the route will be the Pink Park, remembered not only by its lush plantings, but also by the history of shrubs, each of which was planted in honor of a certain person. The gastronomic component of the excursion will also delight travelers: you will have a look at the gingerbread and honey candy shop, enjoy the taste of freshly baked bread and taste the famous Viennese sweets.

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Tour Guide Suzanne

Guide Suzanne has long been in love with Vienna and seeks to show her tourists from a wide variety of angles. The guide promises to fill a walk in the Austrian capital with not only new knowledge, but also unforgettable emotions. Fluent in Russian, the guide to Vienna has the talent to present historical information in an easy, relaxed way. The guide takes into account all your desires and accordingly builds an individual route for them. In addition, the guide is fond of photography and in one of his excursions provides an opportunity to combine an overview of the city with a photo shoot.

Vienna sightseeing tour with a professional photographer
  • Price tag: 210 €
  • Takes: 2 hours
Vienna sightseeing tour

If you have always dreamed of visiting Vienna and making unforgettable pictures against the backdrop of its attractions, then this tour is ideal for you. As part of this tour, held in Russian, you will visit the Hofburg Palace, where you will learn about the life of the most beautiful Austrian queen Sisi. The guide will also introduce you to the Ball Palace, the Town Hall and the University of Vienna, show parks and gardens. And all this event will be accompanied by a professional photo shoot, after which you will receive 60-70 processed images.

Vienna history without boring facts and dates
  • Price tag: 145 €
  • Takes: 2 hours
Vienna Town Hall

When looking for a tour of Vienna with a Russian-speaking guide, you can stumble upon a ton of ads. If you prefer rich city tours without mediocre descriptions, then this offer will be to your taste. The guide will take you to the famous sights of Vienna: the Cathedral, the Town Hall, the Hofburg Castle and the Balls Palace. The guide will accompany your acquaintance with the monuments with fascinating stories about the life of the Austrian rulers. In addition, during a walk you will visit the Demel cafe, where you can taste the famous candied violets. The tour is conducted entirely in Russian.

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Guide Maria

Guide Maria has been living in Vienna for almost 5 years and organizes walks for independent tourists. Being a licensed guide, Maria has excellent knowledge of the information, is fluent in Russian, has the talent of a storyteller and easily presents historical material. The guide develops individual routes, which he preliminarily discusses with his clients. And during the tour itself, she is always ready to give detailed answers to all your questions.

One day in Vienna
  • Price tag: 150 €
  • Takes: 2 hours
Vienna streets

The event will definitely be appreciated by those who are tired of the standard excursions laid along beaten routes. Of course, a walk could not do without visiting such great places as the Vienna Opera and St. Stephen’s Cathedral. But curious stories lurk on unknown streets and alleys, which the guide has studied from and to. During a coffee break, you will visit the Sacher cafe, where you can taste the famous Viennese cake. The tour will be full of exciting stories and legends, as well as useful information about current cultural events.

Slow walk in Schönbrunn park
  • Price tag: 150 €
  • Takes: 2 hours
Schonbrunn Park

Group tours in Vienna in Russian help to uncover the most secret events of the ambiguous history of the city. Overview of the park and garden complex in the famous Schönbrunn Castle usually does not go further than the central courtyard. But not at this event. The guide offers to get acquainted with the secret corners of the summer residence of the Habsburgs, and in order to captivate the excursionists, accompanies visiting each object with fascinating stories from the lives of members of the famous Austrian dynasty.

If you wish, the guide can arrange an additional tour inside the palace itself. And if there are children in the group, the guide will give you the opportunity to visit the children’s museum of the castle. The event is fully organized in Russian.

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Tour Guide Lilia

Lily is a licensed guide in Austria, where she has been living for more than 20 years. Her rich knowledge, competent Russian language and the talent of a storyteller allowed her to become one of the most popular tour guides in Vienna. Lilia masterly intertwines familiar facts with little-known details in her stories, flattering them with an excellent sense of humor. The guide is distinguished by erudition, ease in presenting information that can cause interest among tourists of any age. Routes and stories are fully focused on customer preferences, and during the walk itself Lilia is always ready to give detailed comments on all questions.

Feel like a crown
  • Price tag: 150 €
  • Takes: 2.5 hours
Habsburg Winter Palace

This signature event will introduce you to Vienna’s most iconic sites, including the Habsburg Winter Palace. From the guide you will learn the secret facts about famous historical figures, learn the traditional way of life of the crowns and immerse yourself in the world of Viennese gastronomy. The guide will tell you about Mozart and his life in the capital, tell little-known stories about the Cathedral. The guide will accompany his story with a tasting of royal delights, and at the end of the tour will offer a glimpse into one of the best metropolitan cafes. The guide promises that after this walk you will love the city with all your heart and even for a moment feel like a true crown.

First Imperial City Date – Sightseeing Tour
  • Price tag: 150 €
  • Takes: 2.5 hours
St. Stephen's Cathedral

A sightseeing tour of Vienna in Russian will allow you to fully explore the remarkable architectural objects located in the historical district. Palace and park complexes, squares and religious sites – all this awaits you as part of this tour. First of all, a walk will appeal to travelers who want to see as many iconic places as possible in a couple of hours. Well, the guide, in turn, promises to brighten up your acquaintance with historical Vienna with detailed stories about the creation of objects and their modern role.

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Guide Natasha

Natalya has been living in Vienna for 5 years and appreciates in her above all the unique combination of urban buildings with natural complexes. The guide leads an active lifestyle, is fond of cycling and devotes a considerable part of his free time to finding interesting routes in the capital and its environs. Natasha is fluent in Russian, takes a responsible approach to her work, and is distinguished by her friendliness and attentiveness. The guide organizes excursions taking into account all your preferences. The guide accompanies his tours with fascinating stories that begin with a historical reference and flow smoothly into admiring nature.

Cycling along the Danube to the top of Leopoldsberg
  • Price tag: 120 €
  • Takes: 4 hours
Cycling along the Danube

Russian-speaking guide in Vienna calls to escape from the bustling city and plunge into the world of Austrian nature. The excursion program is based on a bike ride along the banks of the Danube to the mountain peak of Leopoldsberg. During the tour you cross picturesque bridges, enjoy the natural beauties and recharge your batteries from the fresh air. The culmination of the walk will be the climb to Mount St. Leopold, from the top of which unforgettable panoramas of Vienna and river landscapes open. And in the summer months, travelers will have a great opportunity to swim in the clear waters of the New Danube.

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Tour Guide Julia

Julia is not a guide and does not offer standard tours in the Austrian capital. Photography has long been her vocation, and now, living in Vienna, the girl organizes photo excursions against the backdrop of famous city attractions. The photographer takes vivid high-quality pictures and is able to find the right angles even in cloudy weather. Most of the tourists remained quite her job, and only in isolated cases customers were disappointed.

Photosession in Vienna
  • Price tag: 90 €
  • Takes: 2 hours
Photosession in Vienna

As part of this excursion, a Russian-speaking photographer arranges a real photo shoot at the main Vienna complexes and structures. The place for the event is chosen by the tourists themselves: it can be one of the palaces of Vienna, city parks or the embankment. It is possible to select several objects located close to each other at once. Within two hours you will walk along the designated sights, and the photographer will try to catch the best shots. It should be borne in mind that this tour is not accompanied by stories about Vienna and involves only a photo shoot.

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Guide Andrey

Andrei is a professional guide originating from Russia, but living in Austria almost his entire life. The guide organizes excursions in Vienna in Russian and offers several tours to choose from. Andrei is an excellent storyteller, knows how to interest listeners, and shines with extensive encyclopedic knowledge. Being a Russian crown, the guide is able to show the Austrian capital through the eyes of a traveler and through the eyes of a local resident. Almost all the tourists appreciated the work of Andrei, but some of them did not like the subjectivity of the guide and the strangeness of his routes.

Walking in Vienna with a Russian crown
  • Price tag: 380 €
  • Takes: 4 hours
Shopping street Colmarkt

As part of this event, a meaningful sightseeing tour of Vienna awaits you, which begins with a visit to the main metropolitan Ringstrasse. You will study the architecture of the main Viennese sights, see the most expensive shopping street Colmarkt, and also look into the little-known corners of the city. During the tour, the guide will take you to a cozy cafe where you can relax with a cup of coffee with strudel.

Throughout the tour, the guide will tell you interesting stories, myths and legends, and show you the favorite places of the Viennese inhabitants. If you wish, you can indicate in advance to the guide which sites are preferable for you, and he will make adjustments to the route.

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Tour Guide Julia

If you are looking for a guide – a specialist in the field of art, then Julia will be a real find for you. The guide offers fascinating walks in Vienna and its museums, full of interesting stories and little-known facts. Julia has deep knowledge in the world of art and presents information in the most accessible form. Literate Russian language, the talent of the storyteller and personal enthusiasm for business dramatically distinguish this guide from colleagues.

Must-see critical tour of Vienna’s Art History Museum
  • Price tag: 300 €
  • Takes: 3 hours
Museum of Art History

Some tourists bypass Vienna museums, considering their visit a boring and dull event. But everything changes when the Russian guide in Vienna Julia enters the arena, offering to go to the Museum of the History of Arts. During the tour, you can enjoy the skillful canvases, and also learn to distinguish masterpieces from mediocre paintings. You will visit all the galleries of the museum, appreciate the work of outstanding painters and hear a lot of exciting stories related to canvases. And at the end of the tour, the guide will give you the opportunity to make out one of the paintings in detail and decide for yourself whether it is a masterpiece. The tour is conducted entirely in Russian.

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Guide Ulyana

Guide Ulyana organizes informal excursions to Vienna sights. An architect by education, she is a connoisseur of architectural styles and is able to read the history of buildings on their facades. In his tours, the guide focuses on the forms and styles of buildings, as well as the history of their occurrence. Ulyana, fluent in Russian, is distinguished by friendliness, sociability and energy, she is always ready to adapt to the desires of tourists. Most of the tourists left positive reviews about this guide, however, among them there are those who considered the walk with Ulyana uninformative and unprofessional.

Walks in architectural Vienna
  • Price tag: 35 €
  • Takes: 1.5 hours
View from the observation deck of the Cathedral

A Russian-speaking guide in Vienna suggests visiting the famous Ringstrasse, where the city’s famous architectural masterpieces rise. The guide will tell you the personal story of each remarkable building and tell you about the golden period of the city. You will also climb to the observation deck of the Cathedral, from where you can enjoy unique views of Vienna. At the end of the tour, the guide will invite you to a cup of melange in the coffee house, which is more than 100 years old. In addition, the guide promises to take pictures of his excursionists on the camera throughout the walk.

Sketching tour of the streets of Vienna
  • Price tag: 45 €
  • Takes: 1.5 hours
Hundertwasser House

Russian-language excursions in Vienna can take place in a very non-standard way. Such is the presented walk, which gives the opportunity not only to visit interesting architectural objects, but also to act as an artist. Each excursionist will be able to express his feeling of Vienna on paper. At the same time, the event is designed both for professional artists and for people who do not know how to draw at all. In a creative atmosphere, the Austrian capital will open to you from a completely different angle, which will allow you to truly penetrate the unique aura of the city.

At the end of the tour, you will go with a guide to a cozy cafe, where you will examine and discuss the resulting drawings for a portion of melange.

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Today, every traveler has a great opportunity to organize an excursion in Vienna to hire their own guide who speaks Russian and builds routes in accordance with the needs of the client. Finding a talented guide is not so easy, but still possible. And proof of this is our selection of the most sought-after tour guides in the Austrian capital.

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