Districts of Vienna: an overview of the 9 best neighborhoods with a detailed description

Vienna is the capital and largest city of Austria, home to over 1.8 million people. In total, the city has 23 districts. Each of them has its own specific features, which every tourist traveling to Austria should know about. Some areas of Vienna are rich in museums and architectural monuments, others are filled with parks and cozy restaurants, and still others have a rural appearance. Hotel prices also vary from district to district.

View of Vienna at Night

In order for you to get a complete picture of the structure of Vienna and decide where it is best for you to stay, we have compiled a selection of the most sought-after areas of the capital and tried to identify all their advantages and disadvantages.

Vienna districts

Inner City (historic center of Vienna)

If you are puzzled by the question of where to stay in Vienna, then first of all we advise you to consider its most popular area – the Inner City. Once the entire capital was within this region, but later its territory expanded significantly. The inner city is surrounded by the Ringstrasse ring road, which was built on the site of the former ramparts. Today, the historic center of Vienna is protected by UNESCO. It is here that the majority of cultural and historical sites of the capital are concentrated, including famous castles, cathedrals and museums.

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Inner city

The area is also full of various shops, cafes and restaurants. It is the Inner City that is best decorated for Christmas. In large areas of the quarter (Am-Hof and Freyung), one can often find markets where locally-made goods and antiques are sold. It is best to stay in this area for those tourists who plan to devote most of their vacation to touring the main sights of Vienna.

Map of the historic center of Vienna


  • Convenient location
  • Lots of iconic objects
  • Good selection of restaurants and bars
  • A wide range of hotels
  • Near the metro, near the airport (about 21 km)


  • Crowded
  • Very noisy
  • High prices in hotels and restaurants

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This is another interesting district of Vienna, where you can stay for tourists. In the Middle Ages, the territory of this region was covered by a vast swamp, which was drained over the centuries and turned into a Jewish quarter. And after Leopoldstadt, it completely became a popular holiday destination among wealthy Austrians. Currently, it is one of the most fashionable metropolitan areas where urban bohemia mainly resides.

Prater Park Vienna

The district is distinguished by its verdant parks, where families with children prefer to spend time. Also in the area there are many attractions, in particular cathedrals and theaters. In the Prater park, is the famous Vienna Ferris Wheel. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum also operates there. Nearby is the country’s largest exhibition center and stadium. The area of Leopoldstadt is considered as an ideal place for cycling. Tourists who prefer outdoor activities will enjoy visiting Leopoldstadt.

District Leopoldstadt


  • Close to the historical center
  • There are noteworthy places
  • The abundance of parks
  • The choice of cafes is better than in many other districts
  • There is a metro


  • Crowded
  • High prices for hotel reservation

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Among the best areas of Vienna for tourists it is worth noting a place called Landstrasse. The district, which appeared in the city in the 19th century, is today considered one of the most densely populated metropolitan areas. For the most part, there are residential and commercial buildings. From the point of view of transport infrastructure, the Landstrasse area is very convenient. There is the final stop for the CAT high-speed train arriving directly from the airport, the S-Bahn city train station, and the intersection of two metro lines.


This part of Vienna is not distinguished by an abundance of iconic objects, and the most significant attraction here is the famous Belvedere Castle. In Landstrasse there are several shopping centers and supermarkets, a wide selection of affordable housing is presented, there are many pizzerias and eateries. This is the best place to stay for tourists who want to save on renting a hotel room.

Leopoldstrasse district on the map


  • Convenient public transport infrastructure
  • Easy to get from the airport
  • Close to the center
  • There are hotels where you can stay cheap


  • Noisy streets
  • Few attractions

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Visible (Wieden)

This is an old district of Vienna, known since 1137, the greatest flowering of which took place in the 18th century, when numerous cultural institutions and palaces began to be erected here. Initially, Widen existed as an independent city, but in the middle of the 19th century it was annexed to the Austrian capital as a district. Currently, more than 30 thousand people live in it. Most of Wieden’s attractions are located on the borders with other districts, but there are several interesting objects inside the quarter. These include Karlskirche, the Third Man’s Museum and the Vienna Museum, as well as several art galleries.

Church of St. Charles (Karlskirche)

In addition, the area has the largest market in Vienna, cozy restaurants and taverns, as well as authentic shops. The district is located near the airport (only 22 km), it has a metro and train. The choice of hotels in Widen is rather meager, but among them you can find both budget options and mid-range hotels. It will be better for those tourists who prefer calm small quarters.

Map of Widen


  • Quiet, cozy area
  • Near the airport, there is a metro
  • There are attractions
  • Easy access to neighboring counties
  • Availability of budget hotels


  • May seem boring
  • Few hotels

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Josefstadt (Josefstadt)

Josefstadt is the smallest district of Vienna. Mostly students studying at the University of Vienna and some Austrian politicians live here. Despite its modest size, Josefstadt boasts an abundance of cafes and restaurants. Among the main attractions of the region, it is worth noting the Holy Trinity Church, the Headwear Museum and the Church of the Order of PRists.

Church of the Order of the Piarists in Vienna
PR Church

Locals call the area “villa area” among themselves, and, indeed, you can meet many mansions belonging to famous actors, writers and politicians. In general, the quarter is distinguished by expressive architecture: a considerable part of the buildings has been preserved from the medieval period. This is one of the districts of Vienna, where it is better to stop for a tourist looking for picturesque views and a peaceful atmosphere. There are plenty of hotels in the area, including inexpensive hotels.

District Josefstadt


  • Quiet and peaceful
  • There are sights
  • Small area, easy to walk around
  • Close to the center
  • Good selection of hotels


  • Boring

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Initially, Margarethen was part of Wieden, but after much debate in the mid-19th century, received the status of an independent region. This is a residential quarter of the capital, where the middle class mainly lives. Today, you can see many flowering parks, avant-garde cinemas, cozy bars and restaurants, authentic old shops and groceries. Margaretin will be liked by art lovers: there are several museums and art galleries on its territory.

Margareten District

The area is located 22 km from Vienna Airport, two metro stations can be found only on the border with the Mariahilf district. Margarethen has some of Vienna’s most affordable accommodation options, so budget travelers will be the best place to stay.

Margareten Borders


  • Calm, few tourists
  • There are interesting cafes
  • Opportunity to visit galleries and museums
  • Availability of budget housing


  • The lack of historical monuments
  • Distance from the center
  • Far from the subway

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In which area of ​​Vienna is it better for a tourist to stay? This may well be the district of Mariahilf. It was formed in 1850, and today it is considered the most youthful district in Vienna. First of all, the district is famous for the longest shopping street in the capital, Mariahilfer, which has become a real paradise for tourists who love shopping. Here you will find shops for every taste, as well as various cafes, bars and restaurants. There are practically no attractions, but many travelers prefer this quarter for its convenient location and vibrant atmosphere. Also in Mariahilf is the oldest Naschmarkt market, where they sell fruits and vegetables, meat products, and products of Eastern and Austrian cuisine.

Mariahilf County

The most notable objects of the region were the monument to the composer Haydn, the Mariahilferkirche church, famous for its heavy bell (2nd largest after Pummerin), and the Aqua Terra zoo. There are many hotels here, and among them you can find quite budget establishments. First of all, it will be better for tourists who prefer shopping on the streets raging with life.

District Mariahilf on the map


  • Not far from the center
  • Lots of shops and restaurants
  • Several metro stations pass
  • Hotels where you can stay on a budget


  • Noisily
  • Many tourists and youth
  • Lack of iconic attractions

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Neubau is a small district in the center of Vienna, which until 1850 was a small settlement, later transformed into the district of Vienna. Neubau is located 25 km from the airport; several metro stations pass through its borders. First of all, the area is distinguished by a large number of galleries and museums. It is here that the famous Museum Quarter of Vienna is located. Spittelberg Street, which has long become a popular tourist destination, deserves special attention.

Museum Quarter, Vienna

Neubau pleases with a wide selection of cafes and restaurants, and also offers hotels for every taste and pocket. Most of the establishments are located in the eastern part of the district, closer to the Museum Quarter. Neubau borders on the Inner City, so it is easy to get to the main attractions of the capital from here. If you decide which area in the center of Vienna will be able to meet all your requirements, then be sure to consider this option.

Neubau - district of Vienna


  • Many museums
  • Easy to get to the center
  • Near the subway
  • Lots of restaurants
  • Great choice of accommodation where you can stay at affordable prices


  • The lack of iconic architectural objects within the district
  • May seem boring lovers of active entertainment

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Meidling County is very different from other areas of Vienna, and it will be difficult for a tourist who finds himself here to believe that he is arriving in the imperial capital. Although the district was formed from several villages at the end of the 19th century, today it is more like a suburban settlement than a quarter of the main Austrian city. Drowning in flowers and greenery, Meidling offers picturesque views of the steppe. This is one of the few districts of Vienna where it is better to stop tourists tired of the bustle of the city.

Hetzendorf Palace

In the northwestern part, the district borders on the main summer residence of the Habsburgs – Schönbrunn Castle. Hetzendorf Palace is also located inside the area, there are several parks and health centers. Compared with other districts, Maidling occupies a fairly vast territory (more than 8 km²), which is convenient to travel around by metro. The choice of hotels here is small, but the prices will please the thrifty tourist. It is better to stay in the area if you want to visit the Schonbrunn Palace and Park complex.

Meidling District


  • Picturesque nature
  • There is a metro
  • Near Schönbrunn Palace
  • Low prices in hotels


  • Far from the airport and from the Inner City
  • Few attractions
  • A meager selection of hotels and restaurants

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The districts of Vienna are diverse in their arrangement and tourist opportunities, therefore, before setting off for the Austrian capital, it is important to prioritize. Someone prefers quiet corners, while others like youth blocks. Some tourists go to the capital for cultural attractions, while others go for gastronomic delights. Only by indicating all your desires, you can choose the perfect area in Vienna, and our article will certainly help you with this.

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